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WESBROOK BAY BOOKS currently publishes fantasy, historical fiction, middle grade, young adult fiction and memoir. We are actively looking for manuscripts that demand publication, meaning that they are well written and have plots that make us unable to stop reading. If you are thinking of sending your work, please keep in mind that most books are sold on the basis of the first two pages. So, therefore, make sure those pages grab attention. Back story in the beginning is a killer.

Some other advice before we get to the guidelines. Do everything you can to master your craft and read, read, read. You might enjoy Mel Anastasiou’s blog — It’s whimsical and a little idiosyncratic but offers great advice.


1. Reread and reread your submission carefully AND then submit it (preferably in a Word format) in this order:

a) the first five pages of your work;
b) a one-page synopsis;
c) the next twenty-five pages;
d) a one page bio that includes your writing experience, your writing goals, your goals for your work, and what you are willing to do to make your work a success.

2. Paste this into the body of your email and send it to — — with SUBMISSION in the subject line.

3. If you haven’t heard back in one month, please send a follow-up email.

Submissions are closed until August 15, 2016.