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Forgotten Secrets by Beverley Boissery


While researching World War II for a term project, Jenn North, Jo Carruthers and Jas Green find secrets that bind them together. Why weren’t the Nazis prosecuted for the murder of more than forty Royal Winnipeg soldiers, including Jo’s great-grandfather? Why won’t Jaslyn’s mom tell her anything about her father’s side of the family? Jenn discovers a lot more than she wants to know about her great-great grandfather. Are these secrets best forgotten, or should they be told? Rather than building to a traditional climax, Forgotten Secrets forces us to think. Should we feel guilty about a relative’s wrongdoings? How do we cope when something is good in one generation and bad in another? Is there anything to build our lives on?

Printed copies cost $19.99 (shipping included). Ebooks are $7.99.

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Forgotten Secrets

Forgotten Secrets-Softcover, Forgotten Secrets


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