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MARK HADLEY’S debut novel, THE RED CITY, will entrance you.

Caspa, a young teenager lives along in a vast decaying metropolis. He has everything he could possibly wish for except someone to share it with. Then a mysterious person washes ashore and Caspa’s world changes forever. Is the stranger the friend he’s been longing for or is he the ultimate threat to Caspa’s beloved city?

Mark Hadley says: “I imagined what a world would be like with 7 billion little gods all insisting on their rights. It wasn’t pretty. My fantasy world is defined by two choices, two clear directions — East or West. The more you move towards one, the further you become from the other. The more you put yourself in charge, the further you move from community. I have a disabled son and I realized that individualism was not only robbing my son of the chance of a normal life, it was robbing every child he grew up with.”

ISBN: 978-1-928112-24-2. 289pp. For ages 12+.


KELSEY GREYE’S fourth novel, A BITTER ROOT, is set in the grimy underworld of 1840s London.

REV3_ABitterRoot_KelseyGreye_Cover_COVER-ONLY [1203606]

All Grace Flynn wants is a quiet life, mixing up herbal concoctions to bring comfort and pleasure to her customers. Dreams of romance are dead and buried. That’s what she thinks until Detective Inspector Jack Ramsey enters her world. He’s investigating a series of missing persons and the inexplicable rise in people being committed to insane asylums. He’s convinced that London’s most notorious vice lord somehow connects both mysteries.

After Grace begins to help Ramsey unravel his cases, the crime lord attacks her family. With danger everywhere, can Ramsey and Grace find enough courage to reach for feelings they’ve long denied? With they survive long enough to find the evidence to send their enemy to face the justice he deserves?

ISBN: 978-1-928112-39-6. 6×9 inches. Ages 15+





journey  HASAN KABIR asks: What inspires us? Are there such things as miracles? Where do we find knowledge?
He started asking these questions at an early age. He was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia into an Indian diplomatic family. After the partition of the Indian sub-continent and his father’s choice of becoming Pakistani, he alternated between Arabic and Catholic missionary schools with no equilibrium until he went to the renowned Burn Hall School in Pakistan.
JOURNEY TO LIFE is the story of a desert boy with no deep roots but connecttions everywhere. Hasan’s survival through many political and cultural changes such as the Iraqi revolution of 1958 and the emergence of Bangladesh as a nation in 1971. He served as a senior executive in Saudi Arabia and his many friends ranged from royalty to ordinary people. Throughout his long career he never lost his intellectual curiosity. Life was always an adventure, education his highway, and chance his constant companion.
ISBN: 978-928112- 236pp. 6x9inches large font. Ages 15+


BEVERLEY BOISSERY wonders why it’s so easy to criticize the past and never think about the present, much less the future.Forgotten-Secrets e book
While researching World War II for a term project, Jenn North, Jo Carruthers and Jas Green find secrets that bind them together. Why weren’t the Nazis prosecuted for the murder of more than forty Royal Winnipeg soldiers, including Jo’s great-grandfather? Why won’t Jaslyn’s mom tell her anything about her father’s side of the family? Jenn discovers a lot more than she wants to know about her great-great grandfather. Are these secrets best forgotten, or should they be told? Rather than building to a traditional climax, Forgotten Secrets forces us to think. Should we feel guilty about a relative’s wrongdoings? How do we cope when something is good in one generation and bad in another? Is there anything to build our lives on?

Beverley Boissery is used to thinking about the past. She’s a historian and therefore used to longitudinal thought-provoking questions. She finds it intriguing that Canada faces the same problem now as Jenn’s great-great-grandfather faced during World War II: how many refugees should be allowed into Canada?
ISBN: 978-1-928112-11-2. 255PP. 5X8 inches. Ages 12+



W.P. GATLEY introduces us to the teenager who traveled with the Apostle Paul.

Timothy of Lystra is a young man of fifteen when Paul and Barnabas stumble upon his family home. The men had been thrown out of two cities and bring religious conflict to Timothy’s small town. An outcast, a healed cripple and a Phrygian hermit convince him by their actions that Jesus’ way can change a city. He joins Paul and travels through Galatia. He saves a friend from the Phrygian cult of Kybele, trains with Olympic athletes in Antioch and rescues a Thracian family from raiding Gauls. At night, on the dangerous waterfront of Troas, Timothy risks his life to teach a murderer the forgiveness of God. This courageous act convinces Paul that Timothy is ready for the next phase of their mission: Macedonia.

ISBN: 978-928112-28-0. 6X9 inches. Ages 11+





tHEO (2)Will Theo avenge the loss of his family and his home and be able to burn down the White House? That’s the central question in BEVERLEY BOISSERY’S novel about the War of 1812. Theo has vowed retaliation on the American Army that invaded Canada and destroyed everything he loved. How he can do it is the question. He’s only thirteen and the militia won’t let him join up. Then a friend of his family offers the chance of his lifetime — would he be willing to spy for the British in Baltimore? During the long trek from Canada to Baltimore, Theo learns that Americans are not much different from the people he knew back home. Some good, some bad. Furthermore, he gets to like some. Will that be enough to stop him waging war against the United States? Ort will he keep his vow and set fire to the White House?
ISBN: 978-928112-04-4. 5×8 inches. Ages 11+



gallery-4 Why is Wynn Forrester so attracted to an abandoned house in Lake Claire? KELSEY GREYE WILL TELL YOU WHY.
She’s moved to that small town to find the life she’s longed for and isn’t expecting to make a discovery that brings a fifteen year old mystery straight from the past into her present. Enlisting the help of attractive photographer Noah Sutton, she uncovers a trail of evidence and danger. Will the two of them have the change to embrace their deepening relationship or will it die along with them as an unknown killer tries to bury a decades-old crime once more?

ISBN: 978-1-928112-09-9. 6X9 inches. Ages 16+



crossEnjoy JACK A. TAYLOR’S story of the political, cultural and religious hotbed of first century Palestine.
Nazareth carpenter Caleb ben Samson and Roman centurion Sestus Aurelius both want peace. Can this unlikely partnership accomplish what nothing else has done? Or will the unrest be settled through the power of the cross? Is Yeshi, Caleb’s friends, the hidden key in a land longing for hope?
ISBN: 978-928112-03-7. 5×8 inches. 357 pages. Ages 12+


ChloeHold onto your hat as BEVERLEY BOISSERY transports you to 19th century Australia.
When Chloe Murray’s mother disappears from Wahmurra, Australia, people search everywhere. Nobody thinks of looking in the past. Four years later, Chloe herself is catapulted back to 1833 where she hears about Lady Peter Kendricks, a woman who sounds and looks suspiciously like her mother. While she waits to meet the mysterious Lady Peter, Chloe makes friends with Thad Compton, a young convict. Life in 1833 proves hectic. Someone wants to kill her. Thad is always a hairsbreadth away from being flogged. Danger is everywhere. Eventually Chloe must choose between her two worlds–between her mother’s love and Thad’s friendship in 1833; or her dad, his love, and all the opportunities of the twenty-first century.

ISBN: 978-9879376-0-5. 5×8 inches. Ages 10+


THAD COVERAfter writing THE CONVICT’S THUMBPRINT BEVERLEY BOISSERY wondered what anyone and, in particular Thad Compton, would miss most after being zapped two hundred years into the future.
In this sequel, Thad doesn’t have to imagine. It’s happened. Born in 1820 and zapped into the 21st century Australia, he’s trying to adapt to our technologies and medical miracles. At times he feels that none of the real him is left after he gets braces on his teeth, his leg is rebroken and set straight and his Cockney accent is changed. He’s unprepared for school but gradually finds that his fate is intertwined with that of the school’s bully and that winning or losing a rowing race will decide their futures in so many, many ways.

ISBN: 978-9879376-7-4. 5×8 inches. 10+


dragonsEnjoy B.A. SCHELLENBERG’S tale of enchantment and a long-ago world.
A boy. A girl. An enchantment. After being enchanted, Prince John struggles to remember his humanity while learning dragon skills such as aeronautics and shape-shifting. His human friend Annabelle fights against the limitations of the medieval world, and a dragon race struggles to survive. Set in Ruthin Castle, Wales, A PRINCE AMONG DRAGONS has magic, swords, adventure, and deep friendship.

ISBN: 978-1-928112-12-9. 5×8 inches. Ages 9+





TAMMY SCHERPENZEEL’S  books of beautiful poems, photos, prayers When-God-Whispers-v1-copywill  enchant. Her collection of inspirational poems and prayers reflects on God’s abundant grace, unconditional love, and endless mercy. It’s her wish that readers will open their ears to hear God’s whispers and that they’ll be an encouragement and blessing to all who read them.

ISBN: 978-928112-36-5   6X9 inches.  Ages 12+





JONO HOWARD’S son hates vegetables and so Jono started telling him about Oliver Pumpernickel, asking him if he’d ever wanted to dance with a donut or joke around with a jellybean.
The hero of A SWEET STORY, Oliver Pumpernickel, has done both!


Join Oliver in his adventures with his own unique, sweet brand of friends as they wage war against the dreaded eggplants and broccoli.

This is Jono’s first children’s book.
ISBN: 978-928112-33-4. 46pp. 8.5×11 inches. Ages 5-8